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Iíve decided to use this space to talk about my favorite flicks of the past year. This was a tough list, because there were some fantastic movies released in 2002.Now, I must say that I havenít seen a good deal of the big Oscar favored flicks this year yet. Below, youíll find a list of my picks for the best of 2002.Then below that list youíll find some contenders that Iím dying to go see.




  1. Minority Report Ė Spielberg at his best.Buy the DVD!
  2. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Ė Jackson does it again.Fantastic.
  3. Road to Perdition Ė Sam Mendesís second flick.Great gangster story.
  4. Spiderman Ė guilty pleasure
  5. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Ė another guilty pleasure.Bad acting, story gaps, but Yoda kicks ass!
  6. About Schmidt Ė Nicholson funny as hell and a great story.
  7. Bowling for Columbine Ė thought provoking.
  8. The Ring Ė scary at itís best
  9. Gangs of New York Ė Marty Scorsese delivers a knock out film.
  10. Y Tu Mama Tambien Ė a foreign film with some real bite and unsettlingly at times.Alfonso Cuaron delivers a great film about coming of age.


Contenders that I want to see:

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Adaptation, Far From Heaven and The Hours.


Iíll also use this space to give out a list of my Oscar picks once the nominations are announced.I love picking the winners and have won Oscar pools in the past.Iíve even helped others win too.So make sure to check out my Oscar picks coming in March 2003.


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