Fredís No Clue Movie Review: ďLord of the Rings: The Two TowersĒ

Directed by Peter Jackson


Letís just start with the truth.This movie ROCKED!If youíve seen the first Lord of the Rings, you wonít be disappointed.I loved it and Iíve been surprised that Peter Jackson has been able to deliver such amazing fantasy based movies.Itís been a long time coming.


This movie picks up where Fellowship of the Ring left off.Our fellowship is divided.†† Frodo and Sam are traveling to Mordor, while the others, led by Aragorn, are trying to find the missing hobbits.


The film does a good job of cross cutting all the different story elements.It keeps the story moving and at nearly a 3 hour running time, it leaves you wanting more.We see Sam and Frodo getting help from the creature, Gollum.We know in the Lord of the Rings history, that he had possession of the ring of power for quite some time, and it resulted in an unnatural long life for him.Gollum is a completely digital creature.It was amazing to see the detail in this character.Itís the best digital character that Iíve seen in film yet.Gollum, is brought to life by actor Andy Serkis and the digital effects wizards of Jacksonís WETA.Itís incredible to look at the eyes of this character.Itís so good that it further immerses you in the story of the movie.You forget at times, that what you are looking at was created in a computer.


Aragorn and the others meet up with Gandalf, and the people of Rohan whom we meet for the first time in this movie.Gimli, the dwarf, offers the best comic relief and he is extremely funny.The scenes with them running around the countryside are breathtaking.The cinematography is great.My bet is that the areas of New Zealand where they have been shooting are just that gorgeous.The final battle at Helmís Deep is not to be missed.It makes it worth seeing this movie on the big screen.


I canít tell you for sure if I liked this film better than the first.I can tell you that I absolutely loved it.Iíve seen it twice so far, and I wouldnít be surprised if I see it 3 more.Itís that entertaining.Considering that my only other introduction to Mr. Peter Jackson as a director was the Michael J. Fox movie, The Frighteners, I have been blown away.I was initially skeptical when New Line announced that he would steer this mighty ship.Since seeing these Lord of the Rings films it makes me more intrigued to check out the rest of Jacksonís films and Iím convinced that there is no one else who could have made these movies.He gets great performances out of his actors, cinematography is fantastic and he doesnít sacrifice the story for the effects.Itís nearly perfect.†† Canít wait for the next installment December 2003.†††††


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