Fred’s No Clue Movie Review

"Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"
Directed by George Clooney

    This was a very good movie.  A great performance from Sam Rockwell, playing “Gong Show” and “Dating Game” creator Chuck Barris.  He manages to convey a man searching for success and himself, with both a sense of hope and despair, which lives side by side within him.  Filled with rich supporting characters played by Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Rutger Hauer and Clooney himself, the movie is a pure joy to watch.  I suspect we owe the great story and rich characters to the chance taking dangerous mind of screenwriter Charlie Kauffman.

    Based on Barris’ autobiography of the same name, the film tells the story of his life which may or may not be accurate, depending on whom you ask.  Much has been made about the fact that Chuck Barris claims to have been a hired hit man for the CIA, as well as, a game show producer.  Is this fact or fiction?  I say who cares.  It doesn’t matter and if you buy into that fact, it’s a lot of fun to imagine.  Regardless of what you believe, it won’t hurt your enjoyment of the film.

    I loved the recreations of the “Dating Game” and “Gong Show” sets.  Some of the best stuff, I thought, was when you see behind the scenes of “The Dating Game”, the interaction between Barris and the ABC Network and the CIA cover stories.  This movie is a portrait of a man who has had a lot of ups and downs in his life.  You see his struggles with trying to become a successful TV producer and living out his dreams.  You see his failures and triumphs with women.  He seemed to me to be very distant from people at times, and it was tough to let others in close to him.  He was too focused on his work and not his personal life.  It could also have been that whole hit man lifestyle too. 

    The cinematography was well done and I especially loved the shot selection.  They seemed to be taking a few chances here and there with the look of the film.  It leant a kind of playful quality, which really complimented the subject matter.  I enjoyed watching the style of the movie, almost as much as the story.  Not sure if Clooney has learned a thing or two from his Section Eight producing partner, Steven Soderbergh, or if this is purely coming from him.  Regardless, this is a great first film and I look forward to seeing what else he chooses to direct. 

    My chief complaint about the movie is this:  George, why so much of Sam Rockwell’s ass?  Why not a little bit of Drew’s naked body, huh?

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