Fred's No Clue Movie Review: "Die Another Day"
                                                                           Directed by Lee Tamahori

    This is a FUN movie. Itís definitely way better than The World Is Not Enough, which I thought was kind of crappy.  I am a fan of the Bond films, but this has to be the best one Iíve seen in a long time.  Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond since Sean Connery.  I grew up with Roger Moore and discovered the Connery films through recommendations.  Pierce has it all.  The suave, debonair and mystery of Bond, and doesnít take himself too seriously.  He can deliver the double entendre lines like a pro.  Plus, this film has a Bond girl like no other.  The gorgeous Halle Berry was sexy, an ass kicker and did I mention sexy?  She plays a government agent from the US called Jinx.  The studio loves the character and Berry so much they may make a spin off movie based on her.  Give me Jinx any day over that Michelle Yeoh character.  She was a good ass kicker, but definitely not sexy enough.  

    The movie opens up with some spectacular chase scenes.  Itís hovercrafts in North and South Korea.  These vehicles power through minefields and feature lots of special effects.  Itís just one big blast of action after another.  I mean these sequences are worth the price of admission alone.  Bond even gets taken hostage.   A first if Iím correct.  Thumbs way up to director Lee Tamahori who really reinvigorates the Bond films with this movie.

    The movie music is always featured in the opening credits and this film is no exception.  Madonnaís techno ďDie Another DayĒ pulsates in the background while we see Bond being beaten and tortured.  It rocked.  I should note that Iím a huge fan of Madonna and thought at times; she would make a sexy Bond chick.  Sheís in the film briefly as a fencing instructor.  Briefly is good, because Madonna is a horrible actress.  Itís tough to find good roles for someone with such limited abilities.  I still love her though.

    One of the staples of the Bond films are the gadgets.  This film has cool gadgets.  It also pays homage to past films by giving cameo appearances to some past Bond gadgets.  See if you can spot them.  My favorite from this film is the new Bond car.  Itís super cool in my opinion. 

    James Bond after escaping capture is a rogue agent in this film.  It makes the plot a little more interesting, since heís forced underground and must rely on his friends for assistance.  John Cleese takes over the role of Q, and Judi Dench is back as M.  He also relies heavily on himself, since heís going it alone most of the film.  Thatís where Berryís Jinx comes in.  She assists Bond, as well as, gets a little action.  The one drawback and has been in the past films, is the villain.  Are they really believable anymore?  And do I really care?  This time I donít.  The big super weapon created by Gustav Graves, played by Toby Stephens, is kind of neat.  But whatís better is the destruction of the weapon by Bond and Jinx.  Gustav does manage to create a cool ice hotel, which I thought looked great in the movie and added some tension towards the end.

    This flick has tons of action packed in and makes it so much fun to watch.  Itís also sexy, which is what you want from the Bond films.  Berryís entrance from the water is one of the sexiest scenes in the whole film and needless to say was very exciting to watch.  That too, is worth the price of admission.

    Iíd really recommend seeing this in a theatre with great sound.  Donít settle for anything less.  It will really enhance your enjoyment of the film.  I would definitely recommend spending your money on this flick.  Youíll love it.  I know I did.

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