Fredís No Clue Movie Review

"Ghosts of the Abyss"
Directed by James Cameron

If youíre looking for something a little bit different at the multiplex this summer, check out Ghosts of the Abyss, the latest film by the Titanic director.  Itís a documentary, of all things, and itís currently playing in IMAX theatres in 3D. 

What this film gives you is breath-taking views of the sunken ocean liner that youíve never seen before.  It manages to immerse you as a member of the crew that is shooting the thing.  Narrated by Bill Pullman, who is featured prominently along with Cameron, the movie takes you on an expedition to record some views of the great ship that now lives at the bottom of the ocean floor.  Part history of the ship, crew and passengers and part technological marvel.  Youíre able to see pieces of the ship as it sits there now.  Itís incredible.  Did you know that some of the glass of the windows and elaborately designed doors are still intact after all these years?  Amazing.  It does get a little hokey, when they show you the ďghostsĒ of people that are entombed in the Titanic, but the history is actually very good.  Itís not your typical documentary either.  Itís more structured in a story format, much like a narrative film.  The real stars of this movie are the pictures of the ship and the technology they use to get those pictures.  I mean they manage to capture these images by traveling to the bottom of the ocean floor in these little mini subs.  Pullman even remarks at times, how scared he is, hoping the subs will hold and not break.  Cameron seems to have a real passion for the Titanic and it shows.  This movie or that expedition probably would never have happened had his film not done so well. 

If youíve never seen a movie in IMAX 3D, here are a few things that you might like to know.  Typically, the films cost $2-3 more than a regular movie.  They also tend to run shorter than your average film.  I think this one runs a little less than an hour.  But you get a full rich movie going experience.  The screen is like 8 stories tall, so donít get too close.  I typically like to sit directly in the center of the theatre, so I can be immersed in the film from all sides.  The glasses arenít your typical hokey theme park 3D glasses or those crappy cardboard ones you used to get at the corner store for 99 cents when you were watching a 3D movie on TV.  Theyíre a large visor type, which cover your eyes completely.  They sit great on your head and donít fall off easy.  I feel itís worth the extra money for a different experience.  And with this film, youíll get to see things that you otherwise would be unable to see.   

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