Fredís No Clue Movie Review

"The Swimming Pool"
Directed by Francois Ozon

I wasnít sure what to expect from this film, I hadnít heard much about it. I was craving something different though. I was growing a little tired of the loud bombastic films of this summer. I love those movies, but I needed to see something different. So I went to see The Swimming Pool.  

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Francois Ozon delivers a very quiet and sexy film. I was really unsettled at times at just how quiet the movie was. The characters are just going about their business and living in the moment. It was a refreshing tale. The characters were well thought out and the premise was essentially simple.  

A crime fiction writer Sarah Morton, played by Charlotte Rampling, needs to focus on her new book and get away for a while. Her editor, John Bosload, played by Charles Dance, tells her to go to his house in France. She takes him up on the offer and all is going well, until Johnís spoiled brat of a daughter Julie shows up, played by Ludivine Sagnier, and Sarah doesnít exactly agree with her lifestyle. Sheís basically a party girl, who sleeps around a lot. But thatís where the simplicity ends. Julie is embroiled with so many men, and just as Julie and Sarah begin to get along, a murder occurs that turns their lives upside down. Or is it the movie turning the viewer upside down? Youíre left wondering what exactly happened, and if this was all just another creation from Sarahís mind.  

The movie just oozes sexuality, unlike many Hollywood films. Julie goes topless often, and her very essence is sexual. Which is in stark contrast to the uptight repressed Sarah. Julie even accuses Sarah at one point, of being afraid to do all the things that she imagines. The movie spirals in the end to an unsuspecting conclusion that you really donít see coming.

I highly recommend this film if youíre in the mood for something a bit different. Be warned though. Youíve really got to pay attention to the movie. I even felt a little bit unsatisfied in the end, when I felt like I didnít understand the movie. As a viewer though, I felt more fulfilled as time went on and the ideas of the movie were still percolating in my mind. Go see it and let me know what you think.

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