Fredís No Clue Movie Review

"X2: X-Men United"
Directed by Bryan Singer

I liked the last X-Men movie, but thought that it could have featured a little more action.  I also wanted to get more of the back-story on Wolverine.  I must admit that I wasnít a big X-Men comics aficionado, but I knew their basic story.  Plus, I loved The Usual Suspects, directed by Mr. Singer and anxious to see what he could do with a large budget special effects movie. 

I must say that from the opening shots of this movie, I was impressed.  It had tons more action than the first flick and I think it was done better too.  I got a little more back-story on Wolverine too.  I loved the new characters that they introduced like Nightcrawler, Pyro and William Stryker.  From what I know of the comics too, (my brother reads them all the time) the filmmakers brought a lot of the comic elements to the film.  I liked the storyline featuring the younger characters of Rogue, Pyro and Bobby Drake (Iceman).  It seemed to play to the alienation and isolation many feel while going through adolescence.  All in all, I found this film exciting to watch and lots of fun.

Of course, itís not like it doesnít have its faults.  The Cyclops character is severely underused.  Halle Berry as Storm, although a bigger role than in the last movie, still felt underwhelming.  I really enjoyed Bryan Coxís sinister William Stryker.  He was hell bent on mutant extermination and he seemed to just chew up the scenery.  Plus, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, just electrifies the screen with her sexy portrayal of Mystique.  I think it helps that sheís wearing nothing but paint or a skintight suit and that she has a killer body.  It is a little predictable with the mutants fighting one another.

Hereís hoping that they can keep this cast together in order to do another X-Men movie.  Any time that you can get good younger actors, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan together in a movie with lots of great action and superhero elements, Iím all for it.  I think Mr. Bryan Singer has proved that heís no fluke and that heís passionate about the characters.  I think he has made a real quality film and deserves to get another opportunity.        

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