BIOGRAPHY of Fred Miller IV

Here’s Fred with his trusty editing computer, a 3 yr old apple iMac.

    Fred Miller IV is an independent filmmaker who grew up in North Tonawanda, NY.  This small city is located in Western New York between Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

    Fred was interested in TV and films from a young age.  He started directing by using his action figures to “block out” sequences while watching TV shows.  He progressed to writing short stories and putting on plays for family members.  In the mid 1980’s his family purchased a video camera to take with them on vacations, which Fred commandeered to produce short videos.  He had always entertained the idea of making films for a living but most people thought he was just plain crazy.  

    In 1991, Fred entered college at the University at Buffalo.  It was there that he realized his true passion for film.  He began taking business and science courses, but quickly found himself at home in the Department of Media Study.  He collaborated on many projects with a student run production group called Insight Productions.  It was with the members of this group that he achieved his goal of making films.  He worked on a variety of projects in diverse roles which included, sound recordist, production coordinator, and script supervisor.  He wrote, directed and produced two 16mm sync sound short films and two one act plays in his final years at the University at Buffalo.  

    Currently residing in Burbank, California, Fred is continuing the pursuit of his passion.  He served as director on the short film “Chase: Cut Short” written by Jon Edwards and as writer/director of the short “special night”.  He’s looking forward to directing more shorts and has his eye on producing and directing his own feature films in the very near future, even though he has no clue how to do it. 

    If you’re interested in speaking with Fred about any of his current projects, and who wouldn’t, email him.