"special night" at the 2003 MiniDV Festival

December 2003

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your support of no clue productions and indenation.com.  

I am pleased to announce that we screened "special night" at the Mini DV Film Festival in Hollywood, CA on December 14.  It was at a screening room at Raleigh Studios.  It was a fantastic experience.  The movie was projected on a good size movie screen to an almost packed house.  The crowd seemed to enjoy it.  I got to take part in a panel discussion after the movie which was pretty cool too.  I wish I wasn't quite so nervous, but maybe after I do some more of this I won't be.  We just all got to talk about how we made our movies.  We also found out that we beat out about 500 films to be awarded a screening at the fest which screened 117 films, both shorts and features, over 3 days.

It was the first year for the festival and seemed to be pretty well attended.  People came from as far away as New Zealand for the festival.  It was put on my a man named Shannon Rawls.  For more information on him, visit his website.  http://www.shannonrawls.com

I feel like we made a good showing at the festival and I saw as much as I could over the 3 days.  I saw some very good shorts, "Niagra" (hilarious), "Stiffy"(funny) and "Pink Ladies"(well done), which I really enjoyed.  I also saw a good feature by the name of "Robbie Mullins".  There were many more but the one that stuck out in my head the most was "Lotto".  An inventive time warp short and I must say a very good looking digital movie.  People are out there making some really good stuff in the digital formats and it was inspiring to see that.  For more information on the films that were at the festival, visit the Mini DV Fest website

If you saw "special night", thank you.  It was quite the experience for me.  The only thing I need to learn how to do better is schmooze.  I really suck at that.  Well, thanks again and keep checking back for "special night" updates and new content.  We'll be adding more items in 2004!  

From no clue productions and indenation.com
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!